Cinematic Course

By Wealthtube

  • 1


    • Who Are The Faces Behind "WealthTube"?

    • Important Information!

    • Important Links!

    • Content Creators For Your Channel!

    • Bonus Content!

    • What Is A Cash Cow Channel?

  • 2

    Choosing Your Niche - Which Is The Best Niche?

    • How Branding Can Make A Difference Of Thousands Of Dollars

    • What Is A Niche? Which One Should I Start My Career In?

    • 2 Ways To Find Your Niche

    • What Is The Most Profitable Niche?

    • Pros And Cons Of Niches Explained - For Which You Should Go For!

    • Ever Heard Of Evergreen Content?

  • 3

    Setting Up Your Youtube Channel - Make Your Channel Look Amazing

    • Create Your Channel On YouTube - From Naming To Verifying

    • How To Upload Your Channel Design?

    • How To Write A Good Channel Description?

    • How To Publish Your Videos?

  • 4

    What Do You Need For A Captivating Cash Cow Video?

    • How And Where To Hire Affordable Content Creators For Your Channel?

    • Where To Find Unlimited Topics and Video Ideas?

    • Do It On Your Own - How To Make Your Videos With Low Budget Look Amazing

    • Clickbait Is Not Always Bad - How To Use It To Your Advantange

    • Everything You Need To Know About SEO And Meta-Data

    • Schedule Is Half The Battle - When To Upload Your Videos

  • 5

    Promoting Your Videos - What Should Be Considered?

    • How To Promote Your Videos On YouTube Itself - 3 Methods For Guaranteed Success

    • The Best Platform To Get Impressive Shoutouts

    • Where To Buy Your Views and Clicks

    • How To Use E-Mails For Your Growth

  • 6

    Going Viral - What Should You Pay Attention To

    • How To Benefit From Other Big Channels

    • 2 Easy Steps To Get Viral Over And Over

    • Never Run Out Of Viral Video Ideas - 2 Powerful Ways To Go For

  • 7

    How To Convert Viewers To Fans - Get More Subscribers Using This Hacks

    • Legal Hack To Always Be The Top Comment!

    • The Manipulative Psychology Trick Netflix Uses To Get More Paid Users

  • 8

    How To Finally Get Monetized - Make Money While You Sleep

    • What You Should Know About Monetization

    • How To Create Your AdSense Account

    • Make An Extra THOUSANDS Of Dollars With Only One Minute Work

    • The Secret Shortcut To Get Monetized FAST

  • 9

    The Legal Aspects Of Youtube - What To Avoid At All Costs

    • How To Avoid Copyright

  • 10


    • How To Use Your Own Accelerator Team To Skyrocket Your Channel